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roof repair workPeak Performance Roofing performs roof repairs on all types of roofs. If your roof is leaking we will investigate the source and propose a solution.  Most roof systems are designed to last for 25 years or more but poor quality installations, storm damage, ice dams or a deteriorating chimney may cause your roof to leak.

Here are a few typical roof repairs that we perform-
Replace flashing at chimneys,walls,skylights- A quality roof installation and properly installed flashing should last the life of your roof but  due to unskilled labor or poor quality materials this may not be the case. Usually we can replace flashing or rectify the problem at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.
Replace pipe flashings- Most pipe flashings have a rubber gasket that "hugs" the pipe to keep out the rain, however the rubber gets dry rotted and cracks which allows wind driven rain to enter your home or business. This can be an easy fix depending on where on your roof it is located.
Skylights- Have you heard folks say that skylights always leak? I have had customers request that I remove their skylight because it has  been leaking for years and nobody can fix it.  A good quality skylight installed or repaired by a professional roofer can brighten up your home or office and will not leak!
Slate roof repairs- Most of the slate roofs in our area are at least 50 years old and depending on the quality of the slate can last another 50 years or more  if they are properly maintainted.  New England winters can be hard on a roof and cause slates to pull out or crack. A springtime check up should be performed and missing or cracked slates can be repaired or replaced. The metal flashings, valleys and ridge caps may rot and rust before the slates wear out. These components can usually be replaced and will help to extend the life of your slate roof. There are, however, many slate roofs in our area that have a softer slate,usually a Pennsylvania grey product, that should be replaced. These slates will absorb the rain and cause the roof boards to rot without a leak  showing up inside your home. And many slates  roofs in our valley and surrounding towns have been installed over wood shingles! If this is the case, then the rain and snow can be absorbed by the wood shingles and cause problems that are not visible inside.If you see missing slates then there IS a leak somewhere and this should  be addressed right away. This website explains it well.
Low Slope Roofs- Many roofs on commercial building are "flat" or as we in the roofing business say, low slope.  Every roof should have a minimum slope to allow for proper drainage. Even with a low slope, these roofs are  susceptible to "ponding water" at roof drains or perimeters. This ponding water can cause roof materials to rot or breakdown before the field of the roof needs replacing. Depending on the type of roof you may have , repairs can be made to extend the life of your  roof for many years. Metal roofs and "torch down" products as well as rolled roof systems can be repaired and coated with reflective products that will also keep the roof and the building cooler in the warm seasons.

If you believe your roof may be leaking or if it has leaked "once or twice " then give us a call at Peak Performance Roofing and we will meet with you and come up with a solution. Leaks don't fix themselves! We pride ourselves in our ability to find and repair roof leaks and are always willing to work with our customers to come up with a solution if that means a temporary repair or even re-roofing a portion of their roof.